Corporate and Incentive Travel

We provide customized travel services such as business intentive trips of organizations, institutions, overseas training, reward trips and general group trips.

Business Travel
Business Travel
01. Provides an optimized system for business trips.
02. BTMS: Business Travel Management System.
       BTAS : Business Travel Account System.
03. Dream SOS : Overseas travelers safety care system.
04. Ability to solve problems quickly through global network.
05. Competitive commercial travel quotation design.
Reward trip, Training, Inspections, World Explorer Program
Reward trip, Training, Inspections, World Explorer Program
01. Overseas incentive travel, overseas convention events.
02. Visits to excellent industrial companies, visits to the same industry and
03. Labor-management training abroad, Various seminars.
04. Optimal cost estimate, Providing travel schedule design.
Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition
Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition
01. International Conference Planning and Progress. (Location, Schedule design, etc.)
02. Academic Acquisitions, Academic Planning and Progress.
       (Seminars, Conferences, etc.)
03. Planning and building structures of domestic and overseas exhibitions.
04. Event/Promotion planning and progress. (Test-ride event, Branding promotion, etc.)
VIP Service
VIP Service
01. Precise accurate flight reservation and VIP special care.
       (Protocol service, preference seating, etc.)
02. Overselecting executive suite of directors above business class.
03. Support for reduced costs by approving additional luggage.