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Hyundai Dream Tour Service Benefit

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Support seating through buying power on the Hyundai Dream Tour.
Support for competitive air price only for the Hyundai Dream Tour, such as nationality and extraposition.
Provide customized rates and additional services for specific regions of the enterprise.
By the direct operation of the major hotel, Offer Lowest Prices and Fit Services.
Reservation and Comparison of price for over 300,000 hotels around the world through the booking system for the Hyundai Dream Tour.
Efforts to Minimize Penalty Due to Changes in Travel Date.
Overseas travel & training
Assistance with Special Price of Aircraft and Hotel for Major business trip area.
Provide information such as air and hotel for business trip frequently.
Provide Systematic work support through each customer assignment for each client company including sales, airlines, hotels, and formalities etc.
Rent a car · Rail · Visa
Provide discount and benefit through contract with Hertz, the world`s largest auto rental company.
Provide worldwide train information through reservation across all European trains and about 70 cooperative company.
Worldwide visa procedure fee exemption (Except China, Vietnam, etc.)
Hyundai Dream Tour night & holiday counseling
Provide convenience to travelers via weekend, national holidays, and night duty offices.
Prepare for emergency situations through local network and nationwide business partners.
Package tour
Maximum discount service for travel packages of Hana Tour, Mode Tour, and Hanjin Tour.
Provide package discounts to employee welfare benefits.
Travel insurance for travel agencies
MJoin Travel agency liability insurance. ($ 300,000)
Travel information
Provide travel information system(BTMS,BTAS) and web and mobile services, such as long term service, year targets, etc.
Provide overseas travelers safety care system (Dream SOS)
Deliver travel Information through travel Information guide book.
Create customized event goods for each company.