Group CI

Hyundai Department Store Group is aiming for differentiated direction as a high-class brand and the status of the most reliable company through its mission, 'Happy Customers & Affluent world'. The CI of Hyundai Department Store Group symbolizes the present and the future of the group.

Wordmark & Color

Hyundai Department Wordmark

The shape and three colors of the word mark of Hyundai Department Store Group have meanings like following.
The left emerald green of CI symbolizes Hyundai Department Store, the dark yellow symbolizes customers' pleasure, and the central black expresses high-class senses. The company and the right customers harmoniously meet together in the central black. The Alphabet D in the center symbolizes the "Dream of Future".


Hyundai Department Wordmark

The logotype of Hyundai Department Store Group delivers its solid and stable image as a high-class brand, focusing on attractiveness and readability.

Brand Hierarchy

Hyundai Department Store Group consistently applies the corporate identifier which is the basis of the corporate identity.

Hyundai Department Wordmark