Corporate Culture

Focusing on the six core values of organizational culture based on 'Passion', every executive and staff member of Hyundai Department Store Group are working hard to create 'a company desired to work for'.

Core Value ?? Goal of Corperate Culture

Passion : Basis of every work and life
No fear of something new
Mind-set to overcome hardship
Belief in which impossibility can be changed to possibility
Acknowledgement in failure, Improvement of members' spirit and motives
Innovation : Innovative company
Putting effort to get feedbacks on work and to create synergy effect
Continuous improvement of inefficient work
Building mutual trust and teamwork mind between organizations
Reinforcing balance between life and work through innovation
Active Creation : Autonomous and creative company
Freely expressing opinions&showing ability as much as possible
Breaking down authoritarianism, formalism, conceit and selfishness
Improving creativity through vitalization of open communi-cation atmosphere
Customer Orientation : Customer-oriented company
Belief in which customers are the reason for existence
Recreation of the existing customers&continuous creation of new customers
Continuously reinforcing sincerity towards customers
Sustainable Growth : Continuously growing company
Working hard to be the best in each business area
Continuously digging out new growth power
Providing opportunities to grow together with the company through fostering members Providing opportunities to grow together with the company through fostering members
Good Neighbor : Company performing social responsibility
Contributing to establishing better society
Reinforcing virtuous circle for mutual profit with cooperative firms
Continuously establishing trust relationship